Nebula CBD Feminized


Nebula CBD Feminized Seeds are a result of CBD Crew and Paradise Seeds. These seeds contain equal proportion of THC and CBD making them the perfect seeds for cbd oil.


Nebula CBD Feminized Seeds
To be more specific, the equal ration of CBD: THC is the desired output of this.
The full form of CBD is Cannabidiol and the full form of THC is TetraHydroCannabinol.   The perfect proportion of both of them makes the cannabis strain really strong.

This is because the plant would typically form a sativa so the  shape with multiple kolas and lateral branching. and  The difference between the other larger sativas and Nebula II is that Nebula II is shorter in height. Nebula II exceeds two feet very rarely. The buds of this plant are fragrant and large, but This resembles the original Nebula seed and so  Even the heavy frosting is very similar to Nebula.

This Nebula II CBD marijuana is not just for the users who use it for cbd use because She gives a very relaxing and so mild effect, which is extremely ideal and pleasant for daytime toking.

The strains having CBD are making quite a stir on the scene of cbd marijuana. Nebula II marijuana is rightfully at the top amongst the best of the strains.
The young buds already are coated in this resin. CBD in higher share does not influence the output of resin.

Nebula CBD Feminized

On an average, this 1:1 ratio in Nebula II CBD medical strain is about 7% CBD and 6% THC. This makes Nebula II a well-balanced strain.
The amount of time taken for these plants to ripe is extremely short. but A typical Nebula II CBD seed would take about 60 days to grow fully. The average yield of this plant is about 30 grams because  of dried buds per each plant.

Purchasing and planting of this seed is just like any other marijuana strain.

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