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Buy Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil UK
Buy Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil UK, Ireland & Europe. The cannabis oil is sourced from outdoor, organically grown California cannabis. The cannabis oil extracted in a PFC-certified lab. Lab-tested to verify the cannabinoid and terpene profiles as well as mold, bacteria, and pesticide residues. Ingredients: 500mg supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oil.
Rick Simpson RSO Cannabis Oil and the 90 Day Cancer Cure.
Rick Simpson RSO Cannabis Oil and the 90 Day Cancer Cure.Rick Simpson RSO Cannabis Oil and the 90 Day Cancer Cure.

Its a well known that Rick Simpson Oil is an effective medical way to cure various types of Cancers. Another Clinical report published in JCI clearly mentions the positive effect of THC in reducing tumor growth in human beings.

RSO Suggested Protocol
The goal of a RSO protocol is to consume 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil in 90 days. This is a very large amount of cannabis oil and should be taken with caution, increasing the dose gradually to avoid adverse effects.

RSO cannabis oil typically contains a high percentage of THC (around 60 to 90 percent) and very little CBD, depending on the strain of cannabis used for the extract. This means that alongside THC and CBD it also contains all of the healthy fatty acids. Terpenes and minor cannabinoids that science is showing work in symbiosis to act as a cure.

Through many detailed experiments, handily summarized in this recent article in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer, scientists have discovered that various cannabinoids (both natural and synthetic) have a wide range of effects in the lab, including:

Triggering cell death, through a mechanism called apoptosis
Stopping cells from dividing
Preventing new blood vessels from growing into tumours
Reducing the chances of cancer cells spreading through the body.
Speeding up a process known as autophagy – which can lead to cell death

All these effects are caused by cannabinoids locking onto the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. It also looks like cannabinoids can exert effects on cancer cells that don’t involve cannabinoid receptors, although it isn’t yet clear exactly how this mechanism works.


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