Buy 1:1 Loving Vape Cartridge UK 0.5g





Buy 1:1 Loving Vape Cartridge UK 0.5g
Buy 1:1 Loving Vape Cartridge UK 0.5g Online. Loving 1:1 – 500mg Cartridge – LucidMood’s 1:1 THC/CBD + CBG for closeness and connection
As Dr. Tristan Watkins says “There are no strains, there are only terpenes.” With this in mind, LucidMood created a line of custom cannabis blends using only active cannabinoids and terpenes as ingredients, never fillers, to deliver an accurate and consistent effect each and every time.
It’s all about the CBG, helping you connect better with whomever or whatever you’re now stuck with. Get buzzed, but stay social.
A quarantine is a difficult time, alone or with others. LOVING can offer a personal way to stay at ease with your loved ones and stay level despite the amount of stress everyone is under.

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1 X 0.5g @ £38.00 = £38.00, 2 X 0.5g @ £36.10 = £72.20, 4 X 0.5g @ £34.20 = £136.80


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